At 5895 meters, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world and the highest peak in Africa. It is an iconic mountain that stands out in the landscape. Although Mount Kilimanjaro is a formidable challenge, it is possible for the adventurous person who is physically fit and eager to try something new. A mountain in Africa called Kilimanjaro is reachable in a few days. Before reaching snow and ice, you must travel through grasslands, tropical rainforests, alpine meadows, moorlands, and desert uplands.

Being one of the most well-known tour operators for Mount Kilimanjaro, we provide frequent ascents on all four of the mountain’s main routes:

  • The Machame path, which takes seven days and offers some of the best chances for acclimatization and picturesque vistas, is our suggested option for climbing Kilimanjaro.
  • After the second camp on the Shira Plateau, the Machame and Lemosho routes are identical. However, the Lemosho route allows for an extra day on the summit.
  • The less popular Rongai trail, which reaches the peak from the north, is another option you have. It is especially helpful during the rainier months of the year because it is better protected.
  • Alternatively, we also offer ascents through the Northern Circuit route, which takes nine days to complete, for those with a little more time.

Our company routinely plans trips for walking clubs, philanthropic organizations, and other groups. Contact us to arrange your own Kilimanjaro climb, or join one of our public excursions to meet others with similar interests.

You will find itineraries, altitude profiles, kit lists, pictures, and other information pages on the route sites provided below. You can use these sites to help you decide what to do and prepare for the trip. Call the office and speak with the staff; they have been up the mountain numerous times and can provide you with wise counsel. Discuss the cost for Kilimanjaro climbs on a prior note with the team to avoid any discrepancy.

Why Choose us for your Kilimanjaro trekking?

We have been guiding on Kilimanjaro for decades now. Our hardworking team offers excellent service. Here is the list of services we provide to the clients reaching out from Kilimanjaro trekking:

  • Our company emphasizes Kilimanjaro’s safety, and all our staff members have the necessary training to react appropriately in an emergency.
  • Thanks to our policy of needing a minimum of seven days, which aids in acclimatization, we have a success ratio of 95% in reaching the summit.
  • Instead of outsourcing our travel, we individually invest in each team member.
  • We travel to meet with groups or individuals in person. We also take the time to speak with them on the phone. We provide you with all the details you require about Mount Kilimanjaro!
  • We are passionate about the idea of responsible travel, and through our company, we actively support sustainable development in Tanzania. We have received the World Responsible Tourism Awards on two successive occasions.
  • Our guides are trained in outdoor first aid following British standards. They carry oxygen bottles and masks, a portable stretcher, altitude first aid supplies, and a mountain shelter on every excursion.

We will give detailed instructions on acclimatizing to high altitude, eating, descending, and using altitude medications throughout the trip. These documents are available for everyone daily and are spread out on the table.

kilimanjaro trekking

7 Day Lemosho

Kilimanjaro via Lemosho route is the long and most remote route while ascending mt Kilimanjaro. After beautiful forests and moorlands
umbwe route

Umbwe route 6 Days

Talest mountain via umbwe is the most spectacular and direct way to reach Uhuru Peak. This route became famous when
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6 Days Marangu Route

Kilimanjaro hike Many agree that this is the easiest and shortest route to Kilimanjaro’s summit, given its gradual slope. Although
kilimanjaro marangu route

5 Days Marangu Route

Kilimanjaro Marangu Route is also known as the “Coca Cola” or “tourist” route. The extra day can be spent resting
kilimanjaro shira route

7 Day Shira Route

Shira Route Overview Shira Route starts at 3,600 meters and is therefore not ideal for trekkers who have little or
machame route kilimanjaro

9 Days Machame Route

The Machame Route, which approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the southwest, is the second most popular Kilimanjaro route. Because it is
lemosho route 8 Days Lemosho Route

8 Days Lemosho Route

8 Day Kilimanjaro Climb – Lemosho Route – 6 Day Trekking + 2 Day Accommodation START TIME END TIME WEAR INCLUDED NOT
mount trekking 11 Days Northern Circuit Route

11 Days Northern Circuit Route

It begins in the West at the Londorossi Gate and follows the same path as the Lemosho route for the
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8 Days Umbwe Route

The Umbwe Route is tent camping. The Umbwe Route, while not technically difficult, is certainly the most challenging route to
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8 Days Rongai route

With an incredible height of 5895 meters, Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. Its snow-capped peak can be seen
meru 4 Days Mount Meru

4 Days Mount Meru

4 Days Mount Meru Climb is the best for acclimatization prior to Mount Kilimanjaro climbing; The Mountain is the third highest peak
meru 3 days MOUNT MERU


Hiking up Meru is a fantastic alternative for individuals who do not feel forced to climb Kilimanjaro but still want
lemosho route Lemosho Route – 8 Day Trekking + 2 Day Hotel

Lemosho Route – 8 Day Trekking + 2 Day Hotel

As a result of increasing tourism pressure on some of the other, more established routes, the Kilimanjaro Park authorities decided