Safari booking tanzania Maasai family invites you to their boma, you will see that One boma consists of several houses made of natural materials that are built in a circle to fence in the cattle. Visiting a boma will give you the chance to see for yourself how the Maasai live and why polygamy life. The Maasai culture and their Maa language is one of the unique exciting experience you will come across. Masai culture is intricate and fascinating, we invite you to join us in being part of this amazing cultural trip.

Safari booking Tanzania Masai culture is intricate and fascinating. Men are warriors and herders, and cattle play a central role in their lives.

Maasai Boma Tour

Masai families live in small traditional bomas which the women make from mud, sticks, grass and cow dung. Women leave them at dawn each day to fetch firewood and water.Women create wonderful and colourful beaded jewellery for body ornamentation.  . If your safari includes the Serengeti you will stop to visit a Masai boma on your way. For Maasai, life revolves around amassing and grazing large herds of cows (and to a lesser extent, goats). In decades past, young Maasai men proved themselves as warriors (morani) with the ritual killing of a lion—either single-handedly or in a group, and using only their iron spears as weapons. maasai have beautful culture wich makes among tourist atraction in Tanzania by their language, food, dancing, wearing style and decoration. maasai families have many house off which each house have a woman owned by one man called boma.

Among the many singing and dancing ceremonies practised by the Maasai, the best-known is without doubt the adamu, or jumping dance. In this ritual, young Maasai men gather in a semicircle while rhythmically chanting in unison singing.




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Day 1

Meet our guide in the morning at your hotel and transferred to Maasai Boma. You will learn more of the maasai tribe where as the Maasai people don’t live in villages. Instead, they live in family compounds called bomas. A boma is a homestead headed by one male, consisting of houses for each of his wives and their children. Maasai are polygamous, and every Maasai woman builds her hut in her husband’s boma. The final number of these huts depends on how big the family becomes. Roles are determined by age, wealth and position in the community. Men are warriors and herders, and cattle play a central role in their lives. The more cattle, the wealthier the warrior and his wealth then enables him to take multiple wives. In the afternoon you will have picnic lunch and proceed with cultural tour where you will learn how women create wonderful and colourful beaded jewelry for body ornamentation. Late afternoon we depart and You will be taken to your hotel or Airport which ends our services.

maasaipeople 1-Day Maasai Boma Tour

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