Hiking up Meru is a fantastic alternative for individuals who do not feel forced to climb Kilimanjaro but still want an incredible experience in the natural outdoors. You will see various wildlife along the trail and breathtaking scenery, and the dawn at the peak will have Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. It takes at least three days to finish the entire ascent. The route takes mountain climbers and hikers through several different natural environments, each with distinctive flora and fauna and an exciting combination of culture and the great outdoors.

While reaching the top of Meru in three days is feasible, we strongly advocate taking four days so you can acclimatize properly. Meru has only one road that goes to the summit. Before attempting to climb Kilimanjaro, most mountain climbers will acclimate on Meru. The volcanic eruption has considerably reduced the amount of snow on the peak.

In contrast to climbing Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru requires that you pass through the Arusha National Park under the supervision of an armed ranger or rangers. As you move by herds of African buffalo, zebras, and black-and-white colobus monkeys, to mention just a few creatures you might see, you will now be able to unwind and take in the walking safari.


More about Mount Meru:

  • It would be reckless to underestimate the peak’s difficulties, even though the ascent of Mount Meru is thought to be simpler than Mount Kilimanjaro’s.
  • As you go along this road, you will probably pass by many stunning waterfalls and a wide variety of animals.
  • As a result of Meru’s height and the challenging nature of the three-day trip, altitude sickness might be a concern. Arusha’s weather is erratic, which could make climbing more challenging when it pours severely.
  • You will be accompanied by a guide, porters, and an armed ranger because the peak is inside Arusha National Park.
  • Despite this, climbing Mount Meru is still a very fulfilling activity in and of itself. The view from Mount Meru’s summit, especially in clear weather, is just spectacular.


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Day 1: Arusha – Momella gate – Mariakamba Hut

After breakfast depart Moshi about 8:30 a.m drive to Momella gate. Make payment and start the climb with picnic lunch to the first hut called Miriakamba hut. Dinner and overnight – Miriakamba hut (3 ½ hrs).


Day 2:Mariakamba Hut to Saddle Hut

Hike Distance 4km, 2 – 3 hrs, 1050m ascent, Alt: 3566
Dinner and overnight Saddle Hut

After breakfast we proceed with a climb to second hut called Saddle. This is too steep part compared to the first part (2 ½). During the afternoon, client can decide to attempt climbing little Meru peak and back. Dinner and overnight – Saddle hut.


Day 3:From Meru Summit to Saddle Hut to Momella Gate and back to Arusha

Wake up at middle-night and have a cup of tea before starting attempt big Meru peak. Proceed to summit crossing rocky path and back to Saddle hut for full breakfast. Then short rest and leave Saddle hut and descend down to Momella gate via first hut (Miriakamba). On the way back you path though Momella Lakes for a game viewing to Moshi.

Hike Distance 14km, 6 to 8hrs, 3050m descent, Alt: 1516
Drive 1 hr back to Arusha

meru 3 days MOUNT MERU
meru 3 days MOUNT MERU

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