The Serengeti is one of Africa’s finest safari destinations. Extending over 14,763km² of undulating plains and isolated koppies (rocky hills), the Serengeti is Tanzania’s oldest, largest and most famous national park. The Serengeti is renowned for hosting an annual migration comprising at least two million wildebeest, plains zebra and gazelle – the greatest spectacle of its type in Africa – but the immense plains are also home to unusually dense populations of lion, leopard, cheetah and other predators, while being possessed of a liberating sense of space best experienced on an early-morning balloon safari. A Serengeti safari trip will be a highlight of a visit to Tanzania.


Day 1

Welcome to Serengeti National Park! Your driver will welcome you at the Serengeti Airstrip & take you for a game drive. Serengeti is home to over 70 larger mammals, approximately 500 different types of birds and the largest migration of land animals on the planet: more than two million mammals roam its 30,000 square kilometers. Head towards the tallest kopjes in the park and a regular haunt for lions, Simba Kopjes. The highest kopje is called Soit Naado Murt (in Maasai, the Long-necked Stone). There are several game loops that encircle the kopjes and there is a small hippo pool to the south. To the west lies the shallow and saline Lake Magadi, a great spot for pink flamingos to gather. Also spot rare Bohor reedbuck in nearby swamps. Enjoy your picnic lunch, then continue with your game drive at Elmakati.


Day 2

Enjoy views and your breakfast, followed by a game drive at the Moru Kopjes! Mornings are a great time for watching lions in action and getting a glimpse of the endangered black rhino. If you’re interested in the park’s ties to the indigenous Maasai community, visit Gong Rock and the region’s famous Maasai rock paintings. Return to the camp for hot lunch and rest, before you go for an evening game drive with sundowner. A perfect end to a perfect day, enjoy the dramatic shades of the African sunset at Jiwe La Chapati!


Day 3

Walk to the top of Asanja Hill to enjoy views and your breakfast, followed by a full day game drive at the Central Serengeti! The valley’s river keeps the vegetation plentiful. Wildebeest, zebras, elephants, giraffes, gazelles and many other species can be spotted here on any given day. The large amount of prey also draws the highest population of predators. The golden grassland rustles with the movement of roaming lions, cheetahs and hyenas. This is also one of the best places to find the park’s elusive leopards. You’re bound to stumble across hippos at the other Serengeti watering holes, but nothing can compare to the spectacle of the Retina Hippo Pool. Situated where the Seronera and Orangi rivers converge, the Retina Hippo Pool consist of a deep puddle of water with roughly 200 sloshing, playing hippos. Enjoy your lunch from our chef at Mawe Meupe picnic site and then continue with your game drive.


Day 4

After breakfast, head for a morning game drive at the Western Corridor of Serengeti, Nyasarori plains, along Grumeti River. The key features of the Western Corridor are the Grumeti and Mbalageti rivers, running almost parallel to each other, each supporting a bank of evergreen forest. The rivers sustain a permanent game population of zebra, wildebeest, all the predators and birdlife. It is also possible to find large pods of hippo’s and huge crocodiles in the Grumeti River. Return to the camp for hot lunch and relax during the afternoon before you go for an evening game drive with sundowners.


Day 5

After breakfast, depart for a short game drive with packed lunch. Transfer to airstrip to board your flight back to either Arusha / Kilimanjaro / DAR ES Salaam / Zanzibar

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