Protea Kilimanjaro Adventures is a team of dedicated wildlife specialists, whose mission is to turn your Tanzanian dreams into reality. We are vastly experienced in organizing top-notch Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions and wildlife safaris.  We are a team of adventure enthusiasts who love everything about Tanzania.

PROTEA KILIMANJARO ADVENTURES is a tour company established to help and serve the outdoor lovers to meet their ultimatum desire in African wildlife safari experience and the mountain climbing. Our company providing Tailor Made and Scheduled Safaris, Mount Kilimanjaro climbing throughout the year in Tanzania. Our experience and commitment position affords us the ability to be experts in our field. We have an intimate and personal knowledge of all the regions here and are informed as to where and when to visit. With our experience and the knowledge of our Guides, we can offer versatile itineraries for Families, Corporate teams, and Individual Groups. We are among the best experts when it comes to Tanzania and East Africa.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values :


Whether you are interested in mountain climbing, a wildlife safari or a beach holiday you will be able to find the ideal holiday.


Our goal is to take you to the destinations of your dreams and give the best experience there – all at a price that won’t break your budget.


Our holidays are not just focused on getting you away from the stresses and strains of everyday life but on making a positive improvement to your life.


Provide our client’s unforgettable travel, enjoyable, with guaranteed services that exceed their expectations, and also contribute to our sustainable tourism destinations.


To be innovators, leaders and creative in the concepts of travel, positioning ourselves in the market within the best tourism companies in Tanzania and within in East Africa regions,being recognized for our professionalism and high quality products.

We believe that no matter how great a place is, only an experienced travel expert can help you discover its unique and amazing qualities. Protea Kilimanjaro Adventures is home of a specialists works with great passion, discipline and knowledge not only to show you the best of Tanzania, but to allow you to feel it with all your senses and desires!.


Founde Protea kilimanjaro Adventure About Us President and founder of Protea Kilimanjaro adventures.


Chief Guide Protea Kilimanjaro About Us NELSON MUSHI.

Chief Guide.

Nelson Mushi was born and raised on the central part of Machame ward. About 4 kilometres to the famous Kilimanjaro’s (NP) Machame gate entrance, Because of the proximity and enchanting beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro seen from Machames’ , Nelson  home parents, Nelson felt the passion to climb the mountain to the summit one day. When Nelson was 8 years old, one such weekend during the city roaming in Arusha, the city of tourism in Tanzania, Nelson and his father they spotted a giraffe located into the back of a large, opened roof lorry. The animal, a mascot of the Tanzania tourist Board, was the first giraffe and to that matter, the first wild animal Nelson had ever seen! He was immediately fascinated and this turned out to be an event that would shape his future life. After schooling Nelson started to climb Mt Kilimanjaro as a porter. His guide Jacob was a chief guide who assists the world famous film called IMAX Kilimanjaro. Jacob and his team including Nelson were the first to discover and open the shortest route to Barafu camp (base camp) from Karanga camp. For that reason, Nelson imprinted a passion to become amongst the top mountain guides on Mount Kilimanjaro. After pursuing additional training, Nelson found himself involved in the tourism industry working with some of the top outfitters in the country and globally. Amongst them are Wild Frontiers (SA). International Mountain guide IMG (USA), Running Room (Canada) Earth Treks (USA). Jagged Globe (UK) peregrine (Australia) and volunteering groups from Child Reach International (UK). Nelson serves as a head guide and high attitude First aid medical practitioner. Nelson’s credentials are enviable and include a guiding diploma, a wildness First Aid Responder certificate (Trail Med wilderness medicine). (Wilderness medical society). High altitude leadership skills, High altitude safety equipment, High altitude cardiopulmonary resuscitation and outdoor and leadership skills. Nelson has done many trips to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro within the last 20 years and is looking forward to many more treks in the years to come. Join Nelson and Fredrick as they share’s their lifetime experience with you.