Mount Kilimanjaro Packing list


Suitable mountain gears are given below:

Walking Boots:
Mountain boots are unnecessary unless you are taking an unusual route that demands them. If you are not a decent pair of trekking boots will be fine. The important thing about boots is comfort, with regard to toe room, remembering that on the ascent up Kibo you might be wearing an extra pair or two of socks and that on the descent the toes will be solved into the front of the boots with every step. Remember these points when trying on trekking boots. Make sure they are also sturdy, waterproof, durable and high enough to support your ankles. buy your boots here

You need a couple of thick thermal pairs and some regular ones should be fine.

Down Jacket:
May be necessary if you don’t have enough fleeces. Make sure the Jacket is large enough to go over all your clothes.

Take at least two one thick polar one and one of medium thickness and warmth.

A thermal vest and long johns are sufficient.

Take a pair of trekking trousers preferably one light and one heavy.

Sun hat as it can be hot and dazzling on the mountain.

Hat – Wooly/fleecy hat or Balaclava will protect you from the biting summit wind.

Gloves – Preferably fleecy or you can wear a thin thermal under glove with it.

Rainwear – A waterproof jacket preferably made from gore-tex or similar breathable material. The jacket should be big enough to go over all your clothes.

Sleeping Bag – Bring the warmest you have got. A three-season S/bag is probably the most useful.

Water bottles – For carrying water up the mountain

Torch – A head torch if you have one and don’t find it uncomfortable. A head torch is more practical because it allows you to keep both your hands-free in the last night to the summit.

Sun cream – High factor essential

Ice axe/Ski stick – Useful if you plan to go over the arrow glacier.

SunGlasses – Necessary on the morning you reach the summit

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